Why Us?

At Just A Smile Away Dental (Donald J. Sabourin, D.D.S.) we are concerned with more than just the health of your teeth and gums. During a comprehensive exam in our office, we examine your tongue and salivary glands as well as the muscles of your head, neck, and jaw. As part of each exam, we perform a comprehensive oral cancer screening.

We have the expertise and equipment to conveniently treat many oral health concerns right in our Saginaw office. However, we always consider what’s best for the patient. When necessary, we refer patients to specialists.

Oral health matters for many reasons. Teeth affect your speaking abilities. A person experiencing dental pain may have trouble focusing at work or learning in school. In addition, many studies link poor oral health to diabetes and heart disease. The American Dental Association estimates 164 million work hours are lost each year due to oral disease.

There’s no reason for you or anyone in your family to tolerate dental pain or disease. Make an appointment today so tour team can help you develop excellent oral hygiene and health.

And remember, we’re just a smile away!